Animation Applications for iOS

If you’re looking to use your iPad for making animations, or maybe even your iPhone, there are a number of choices currently available in the app store. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones:

Animation Desk

Animation Desk is one of the best regarded options for mobile devices. The basic version is free, the subscription version has a lot of tools and options including the ability to import photos and videos, tools for making animatic storyboards, and export and import functionality with Photoshop.


FlipaClip is probably the most widely used app, having been around a while and very easy for beginners to pick up. The program is designed to work like creating a “flip book” animation and is good for creating and sharing short clips. The paid version allows audio and video import, something not every application offers.

Stop Motion Studio

As the name suggests, Stop Motion Studio is mainly for making stop motion animation. For traditional 2D paper animation it could also be used as pencil test software by using the camera on your device.


Created by an animator, RoughAnimator was created to be a simple but effective way to do 2D animation on the go. At just $5 this app has a lot of good features including unlimited layers, onion skinning, audio and video import, custom brushes, as well as the option to export your project into Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, or Toon Boom Harmony.

Digicel FlipPad

The mobile version of Digicel FlipBook; FlipPad has less features and a more streamlined interface. Ratings are on the low side but the app is a work in progress. The basic app is free but to get the most out of it you will need the upgraded version.

Clip Studio Paint

This is more or less the same program as the desktop version, with touch functionality added. Reviews on this are a bit mixed as doesn’t work that well with iOS and it requires a monthly subscription. However as far as iOS apps are concerned, this is probably the most robust one in terms of features.

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