Lenovo Yoga A940: A Surface Studio Slayer?


Recently Lenovo announced a new all in one desktop that will probably be of interest to many animators and digital artists. They call it the Yoga A940, and it looks very much inspired by Microsoft’s Surface Studio.

Like the studio, it has a 4k 27 inch screen that can be tilted at any angle and a pen enabled screen. The screen seems to be of high quality, offering Dolby HDR and 100% coverage of the RGB color space.

The internal specs of the computer are decent, but not mind blowing, which is a similar issue shared by the Surface Studio. The specs are as follows:

  • 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor
  • Up to 32GB of ram
  • Up to 512GB of PCIe SSD or 2TB HDD storage
  • AMD Radeon RX 560 discrete graphics

One thing that is different from the studio is a “content creation” dial on the side. This can be used to adjust settings in software, such as brush size. Another thing that sets it apart is that the internal components are accessible and some parts like hard drive and memory can be upgraded. If you want to see a video of the Yoga in action check out this link.

Of course the main question is what will it cost? According to press releases it will start at $2350 whereas the studio starts at $3500. So if you are set on the idea of having a large 4k screen to draw on, this may be the most affordable option, at least for now. The Yoga A940 will be available in March or April 2019.


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